Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Favorites from Clear and Simple Stamps!

Happy Tuesday!!  Today is a fun day for the CSS Design Team!  We are all showing off our most favorite CSS products!
I am sure, that if you are a regular visitor to my blog, you already know how much I adore the CSS Ragdoll line.  There is something so fun and whimsical about these little people that totally captures my heart.  And speaking of hearts, another favorite comes to mind - the Hearts Combo.  I just love the shape of these puffy hearts and the companion stamps are a great bonus!  Another favorite of mine is the Sterling Silver Cord.  With a little more pizzazz than regular cotton twine, this metallic cord is perfect for when you are wanting a little added sparkle and shine. 
Here is a little project sharing my favorites mentioned above, along with a few other products that I can't live without *wink*
(click to enlarge)

A closeup of the ladies (L-R: Emma: Happy, Mia: Sweet, Carlie: Hello):
(Click to enlarge)
And a close up of the boys (L-R: Jake: Cool, Wesley: Banner)
(click to enlarge)
For all of these tags, I also used the following:
One more look at the gang! (There are 2 other dolls that don't live with me yet *wink*)
(click to enlarge)
Be sure to hop along and check out what the other ladies have to share with you today!
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    Elena said...

    they are too cute! I love the mix of patterns. The new dolls are comin' home to you soon, mama! ha.

    snappy scrappy said...

    Super cute, great colouring!!

    whoistracy said...

    Oh what a cute set of tags!!!

    Amber said...

    EYEBALLS!!! You are an eyeball mastermind:-)