Saturday, July 27, 2013

Monster's University Inspired... {Clear and Simple Stamps}

Hey there!!  Happy Saturday!  When I first saw the Rag Doll Scenes 2 set from Clear and Simple Stamps, and I saw the halloween themed book spines, I knew I wanted to make a card using that image and the Taglines: Uglies.  And as soon as I took my boys to see the Monster's University movie, I REALLY wanted to make this card.  So I did. LOL!

The books and bench are from Rag Doll Scenes 2, the rug (or shadow) is from Rag Doll Scenes 3, and the sentiment, stamped on a Favor Flag, is from Rag Doll Willa: Enjoy.

It is so funny how so many things can inspire a card...  :)

Thanks for stopping by... have a great weekend!!

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Steph Zerbe said...

Shut up... that is so funny, clever and cute! My son is gonna freak when I show him this... and that he can make his own with these stamps..... thanks for inspiring!