Friday, July 5, 2013

Bubble Gift Wrap Tutorial {Clear and Simple Stamps}

Hello there!  Happy Friday!  Today I have a fun tutorial for you!  First let me share with you my ensemble.  This little card and coordinating package were created using some of the great new goodies from the Clear and Simple Stamps Collection 7!  When I saw the little Spa Girl Rag Doll and the Bubblicious background, I new I wanted to make something using a technique that I learned way back in Girl Scouts *wink*

Grab a cuppa something and sit back... this post is going to show you step by step how to create that fun bubble patterned gift wrap you see here:

First you need to gather supplies.  You will need:

CSS Gift Wrap ( I used A Blank Check Gift Wrap)
Acrylic Paint in your choice of colors
Bubbles (I used 3 small bottles from Dollar Tree)
Drinking Straws
A baking dish or deep bowl
A cookie sheet (for overspill)
Butcher paper or newspaper to protect your work surface

I covered my work surface with butcher paper to protect the table.  Then I used a cookie sheet underneath the baking dish to collect any overspill from the bubbles.  I added my bubbles to the baking dish, one bottle at a time.  I ended up using 3 small bottles in a 9x12" dish.  You need about an inch of bubbles in the bottom of the dish.  Then you add your paint.  The darker the paint, the more obvious the bubbles.  I started off with a light aqua.  This is how your mixture will look as you begin to stir it.  Stir it until the paint is dissolved into the bubbles and there are no clumps of paint.

Here you can see how the pale aqua paint has mixed with the bubbles nicely.  I decided that I wanted the paint to be a but darker so I added some darker paint.  Don't be afraid to add a good amount of paint. The mixture should stay pretty watery though.  If you add more paint and it seems to get too thick, just add some more bubbles.  This definitely is not an exact science *wink*

With the addition of the darker paint, I got the color I was going for.  Here you can see everything mixed nicely. :)

Now for the fun part!  This issuch a fun family activity!  My boys couldn't wait to help!  For once, I told them that I WANTED them to blow bubbles through their straws.  They thought it was awesome!  LOL!  You blow through the straws into the mixture to make bubbles.  Continue blowing until you have a mound of bubbles that sort of dome over top of the baking dish.  Then simply press the wrapping paper into the mound of bubbles allowing them to pop on the paper.  Just move the paper around, pressing each side into the paper until you have gotten the look you are after.  As the bubbles pop, you will need to blow into the mixture again to create more bubbles.  DO NOT submerge the paper into the mixture.  Let only the bubble touch the paper so that it does not get saturated.

And here is the end result.  It is so fun!  You can even make bubble mixtures in a bunch of different colors and use them all on the same gift wrap!  This would be so fun in red and green for Christmas, or in school colors for a graduation, or even using metallic paint for a fun wedding gift wrap!!

And here is what my package looks like all wrapped up in the bubble paper we made.  I make the tag using Trendy Tags, Tags 1 die, Ragdoll: Spa Girl and the Bubblicious background.

To finish off the ensemble, I made a matching card using the same product mentioned above, along with Mia: ROFL, one of the new sitting rag dolls :)

That's all for now!!  I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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Have a great day!!

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Susan said...

What a great technique! I love this set. The colors, the layout, the images, the's all awesome!!