Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Moments Inked Meal Planner Review

Hello there!  Today I have a review to share with you!  Recently, Papertrey Ink sent me their newest addition to the Moments Ink line up.  They recently introduced their 2017 planner, and along with that came the introduction of the Moments Inked Meal Planner!

If you are anything like me, you make a grocery list and leave it on the counter at home.  When you get to the store having forgotten the list, you fill your cart with things you don't really *need* and leave spending double what you intended!  LOL!  The MI Meal Planner fixes those problems for me!

The Meal Planner comes in two formats, spiral bound, and binder insert.  Here you can see my 2017 planner on the left, and the binder insert meal planner on the right.  The meal planner coordinates perfectly with color scheme of the annual planner, and using them together makes my matchy-matchy heart skip a beat!

PTI Moments Inked Meal Planner

I love that with the binder insert version, you are able to integrate the pages right into your daily planner (as seen in yesterday's post) or dedicate a binder just for meal planning as I have shown here.  Dinner is the hardest meal of the day for us, so I have dedicated this page of my meal planner to weekly dinner planning, but there are three lines for every day of the week to allow for breakfast, lunch and dinner planning.  To the right of that column, there is a recipe location column to note where the recipe for that meal can be found, and next to that, there are check boxes to remind you to defrost, advance prep, or put something in the slow cooker.

PTI Moments Inked Meal Planner

I am wanting to teach my children how to cook, so I plan to create step-by-step cards for easier meals to start, and as they get comfortable in the kitchen, work up to harder recipes.  I diecut the Moments Inked Die Pages from white cardstock, and stamped lines from Moments Inked: Posted II.  I wrote step by step instructions for our beef stew dinner, and can easily remove the page and stick it on the kitchen counter for my son's to tackle dinner prep.

PTI Moments Inked Meal Planner

On the back side of the meal planner insert page, is a perforated grocery list, separated by category, for making grocery shopping a breeze!  Write your list for the week for only the meals you have planned!  Money saved!  And time saved too, as it's already mapped out for you what you need to pick up in each department of the grocery store!

PTI Moments Inked Meal Planner

When you unfold the page, there is an additional shopping list for categories not listed on the front page, an errands column and room for notes.  I tend to try and group my errands together to minimize excess running around, and dedicate one day of the week for errands, and seeing everything listed in one place is quite helpful for me.

PTI Moments Inked Meal Planner

The perforated tear-out grocery list is one of my favorite features.  I love that you can leave it intact and take your whole meal planner to the store, or tear it off, and take only the list (If you can remember to and don't leave it on the counter like me! LOL!)  

PTI Moments Inked Meal Planner

All-in-all, I think the Moments Inked Meal Planner is a great addition to the Moments Inked lineup.  It is clean and simple, and very easy to use.  The bright pops of color add fun to the pages, and make meal planning and grocery shopping not so much of a chore!  I am looking forward to seeing how much money I save in 2017 by planning out my meals, and only shopping for what we will use for the week.  That will minimize leftover and waste greatly, and save money for us in the process.

If you have't already, check the meal planner!  At $25 for the binder inserts and $30 for the spiral version, the price point is excellent.  55 weekly meal planner pages are included, which means you can plan out the whole year without having to buy more pages!

We'd love for you to share your Moments Inked Memory Planner or Meal Planner pages with us!  Use the hashtag #momentsinked on Instagram or facebook to show us what you are doing!

That's all for me today!  Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

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