Monday, December 5, 2016

Moments Inked Meal Planner - Holiday Baking

**This is my second post today! If you are looking for my post for Reverse Confetti, please scroll down**

Hello there!  Today I have a bit of inspiration for you using the Papertrey Ink Moments Inked Planner and the new Moments Inked Meal Planner!  I love incorporating the Meal Planner pages into my ring binder to aid in my holiday baking preparations!

First, let me snow you the my week laid out... I love keeping with the color scheme each month, and December's color scheme is a beautiful one!  I'm really enjoying dressing up my pages with a little quick and easy ink blending and some of  my favorite images.  These snowflakes are from Tremendous Treat Christmas.

PTI Moments Inked

I  used an ink blending tool to add some light color to my page, stamped the fun snowflakes, and then got to work filling in my week.  I first added in plan for each type of cookie that I plan to bake each day. I blocked off the bottom half of each column with fun new washi that was just added to the PTI store!  Then, I added the rest of the week's activities using images from Moments Inked: Divided, and Moments Inked: Planner Banners, along with Moments Inked: Everyday Symbols.  Seeing everything laid out will give me a better idea of when I can get my baking in every day.  I chose recipes that I hope will freeze well.  If not, we will have LOTS of cookies to eat in a hurry! 

PTI Moments Inked

Here you can see the adjoining page... I made sure to add my step counts and step goals to the bottom of the column for each day, because with baking comes taste testing, and I have to get my activity in so that I don't gain 10 pounds before 2017.  I used the Moments Inked: Active Symbols.  Such a great set for tracking your fitness goals!

PTI Moments Inked

Enter the meal planner!  Papertrey has recently released a new Meal Planner! I will have a more indepth review for you tomorrow so be on the lookout for that!  The meal planner is available in spiral bound and binder format. Here, I used the binder version so that it could be easily incorporated directly into my weekly planner.

PTI Moments Inked 

With one click of the binder, I have a meal planning insert.  Love it!  I used an insert to keep me on track for which type of cookie I plan to bake each day, where I can locate the recipe, and if I need to defrost dough or prepare ingredients in advance.  This will be especially helpful for those who do a lot of holiday baking to give as gifts, or participate in cookie exchanges, or plan baking as a fun family holiday activity.

PTI Moments Inked 

The amazing thing about the meal planner pages is that they open up to hold all sorts of important lists and info (more on that tomorrow).  Here you can see my grocery list, and errands that I need to run pertaining to my holiday baking, and any important info that I need to keep in mind, like allergy info, who I can to gift cookies to, how many batches I need to make, etc.  And of course, I had to decorate the page!  A bit more ink blending and an adorable little gingerbread man from Tremendous Treats makes things festive and gets me in the holiday baking mood!! :)

PTI Moments Inked

I hope you were inspired by my post today!  Be sure to share your planners with us on Instagram using the hashtag #momentsinked .  We'd love to see how you are using your Moments Inked Planner and Meal Planner! :)

That's all for me today! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


June K said...

TFS. Love white choc mac cookies. You can send me some. LOL.

Alyssa S said...

Super cute! Love all the little additions to your pages...I think I'll try that next year!

Debra said...

I wasn't going to buy the meal planner, but you have inspired me!