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Introducing Moments Inked Memory Planner System {Papertrey Ink}

Good Morning to you!  You may be wondering why the title of the post sounds a lot like one a design team member would use... Well, that's because I have some huge, HUGE exciting news to share with you today!  I've been asked to be part of the promotional design team for the a new product line by PAPERTREY INK!  What?!  Oh, Em. Gee. Did I just type that?  I'm still trying to convince myself that I am not dreaming!  I can not even begin to tell you how over-the-moon excited I am.  A dream come true for me!!

Ok, so now that I'm done jumping up and down (for the time being), it's time to share with you an AWESOME new product line that Papertrey Ink is introducing as part of their 8th anniversary celebration, called the Moments Inked Memory Planner System.  Prepare yourself for a bright and colorful, super fun, picture heavy post!

To start, you purchase your planner and you can choose from three different interchangeable covers.  The cover designs are all beautiful.  It was so hard to choose which I liked best.  But if you can't choose, that's ok... buy all three and switch them out.  So easy!  

Moments Inked

The real magic happens when you open that beautiful cover!  PTI has seriously thought of everything.  This planner is jam-packed with so much colorful, happy goodness.  If you are anything like me, you have several different binders and/or notebooks to help keep track of different areas in your life...  But with the Moments Inked Memory Planner System, you can keep track of everything from your daily schedule using the weekly and monthly calendar spreads, to your meal planning and fitness goals and water intake, to keeping track of memorable moments that you never want to forget,  It is a calendar, planner, journal and yearly scrapbook all in one!  ONE book and it's small enough to fit in your purse.

I will admit that when I first saw the planner, I was a bit surprised by the size of the spiral bound coil that comes with the planner.  It's large.  BUT, then I got to thinking...  One of the many reasons that I have tried several different planners but could never settle into one that I loved was the inability to really customize my planner.  As I started to really use my planners in the past, they would get over stuffed and then things would fall out.  Or I'd have to spend a fortune to buy a bunch of other "tools" to add iserts to my planner.  This planner has room to grow.  A whole year's worth of stuff in one place.  Coordinating dies (which you can ready more about on Nichole's blog), allow you to diecut anything you can imagine and put it in your planner.  Photos, concert tickets, school play programs, the card your grandma sent you for your birthday...  Add holes using the Moments Ink: Basic Pages dies and then add it to your planner and have all of your keepsakes in one place.

I am a list maker by nature.  I have post-its everywhere.  Recently we decided to re-do our son's bedroom and make it more "pre-teen".  Well I started making lists. One for things we need to do in the room, one for things we need to buy to decorate his room, etc.  There were several paint swatch cards too.  Once Logan decided on his paint color, I decided to make an insert for my planner and put it right with next week's weekly spread so I had everything in one place.  I used the Moments Inked: Basic Pages dies to put holes in the paint swatch card, then, on a Spiral Notebook Page die, I stamped an image from the new Remembered stamp set.  I wanted to note the most important projects for us to tackle next week.  Then, using the new Posted stamp set, I jotted down my "to-buy" list.  This stamp set is genius.  It has a lined image that is perfectly sized for 3x3 post-it notes.  There are a variety of bullets in the stamp set, and even stamps to check things off as you accomplish them!  So much cuter than my scribbled list!  The new insert is all one piece and flips easily so that I can see both sides of the weekly spread with no problem, and they are snug.  Nothing is going to fall out.  I love it.

Moments Inked

Now I will share with you some of my favorite parts of the planner, and some of my favorite products that are coming this month!  Planner Banners and the Moments Inked: Planner Banners die have to be my most favorite products apart from the actual planner.  Genius I tell you.  You can create your own little banner stickers that fit perfectly inside each of the calendar squares.  The Planner Banners stamp set has a set of solid banners and a set of framed banners, and a ton of words and images to fit inside those banners.  You can make banners in any color you like to coordinate with each month's color scheme.  I love that every month has a different color scheme.  So fun!

Here you can see  how easy it is to make your banners.  First you stamp your banner image on cardstock or adhesive sheets, then you use the coordinating die to cut them out.  10 tiny banner stickers with one pass of your diecut machine.  The stamped image has a cross in the center of the banners, and the die has a cross cut out.  You line up the cross in the die over the cross in the stamp and you get perfect cuts every time! 

Moments Inked

I was able to make all of these stickers in about 5 minutes, for a fraction of the cost of buying them at an office supple store, and completely color coordinated. LOVE.

Moments Inked

I find that in my planners, I tend to use the month calendar only for reference, and I keep all of my notes and info and special dates on the weekly spread.  I've found a few fun ways to decorate my weekly view that I'd like to share with you.

Here you can see those adorable banners  in action!  The red banner is a sticker, and the green polka dot banner is a stamp from the  Planner Banners stamp set that is stamped directly on the page.  By the way, do you see the texture of that beautiful linen paper?  Yum.

Moments Inked

Another thing I love about this planner is the area on the left side of each weekly spread for list keeping.  Here is stamped the same banner as is on the opposite page for payday, and I will keep a list of everything that needs to be paid on payday.  And see that patterned square there?  You know those patterned squares in several of the Background Basics stamps sets?  Well, they fit perfectly inside the weekly calendar spread boxes!

Moments Inked

The first thing I do when I get a new calendar is add everyone's birthday.  I am a card maker after all, so it's necessary that I know these things.  Now all I have to do is remember to put the mail in the mail in time (btw, there is a stamp for that in the Planner Banners stamp set!) Did you know that the frames from all of the Tag Its stamp sets are the perfect size for calendar decorating?  And the little images in these sets adds just the right amount of cuteness!

Moments Inked

Now for my favorite part of the planner,.. the daily view.  I love that there is a daily view.  A lot of planners do not offer that, especially when they also offer a monthly and weekly view.  This page gives you space for daily to-do's, priorities for the day, your meal plan, fitness goals and water intake, a gratitude journaling area, and a spot for the day's memorable  moments.  If you are anything like me, you truly WANT to remember the little things (and the big things too, of course), but the thought of taking on a scrapbook or Project Life is a little too much to add to an already full plate.  I don't have hours to devote to a separate book, but I do have a few minutes each day to jot down important things that happened every day, and I can page back through any time.  I can add pictures right there in the daily pages too, using the Basic Pages dies.

Moments Inked

Here is my current planner/binder/journal collection.  As you can see, the color scheme in the Moments Inked Memory Planner System is right up my alley.  See that big polka dot binder the back?  That's my household binder... The small polka dot binder?  That's my budget/bill paying binder.  The shiny one is my calendar and blog scheduler, and the striped one is my gratitude journal.  See that pretty little floral one in the front?  That one now takes the place of them all! :)

Moments Inked

I hope you are as excited about my news and this new products line as I am!  All of the  new products featured today will be available at 10pm EST, tomorrow, February 15th on the Papertrey Ink website.  Be sure to stop by Nichole's blog for all of the product details!

Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Supplies (all PTI):

Available 2/15: Moments  Inked Memory Planner System, Planner Banners Stamp set, Blog Banners stamp set, Family Banners stamp set, Posted stamp set, Remembered stamp set, Moments Inked: Basic Pages dies, Moments Inked: Planner Banner dies

Stamps:  Background Basics: Diagonals, Tag-Its #1, Way to go Kiddo
Dies: Spiral Notebook Page
Ink: Hawaiian Shores, Limeade Ice, Pure Poppy, Summer Sunrise, Raspberry Fizz
Other: Washi Tape (Target), Copic Markers, Adhesive Sheets, Papermate Flair Pens


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Congratulations, Audrey!! I look forward to seeing your projects.

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Congratulations, Audrey! Love your introduction to the new planners - thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations Audrey on your appointment to this design team! I am so happy to see your creativity rewarded this way. Today's post is a wonderful introduction to this planner.

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Congratulations! I loved seeing how you use the planner. PTI really thought if everything!

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Congrats Audrey! Thanks for the insight...I too have many little notebooks/planners so will definitely look into this one to consolidate them all!

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Congrats Audrey!!! You are going to have an exciting year!

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Congratulations Audrey! I am thrilled for you!!! I loved how you are stamping I your planner, but my budget is NOT liking how you are using stamps that I now want for upping the cuteness factor of my pages. am I going to buy it all?


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Yay!!!! Dancing around like Kermit for you. :D can't wait to see posts from you with your planner updates!

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Congratulations on joining the PTI team! Looks like you've really got a great plan for how to use these planner stamps and dies, not to mention the planner! I love how you put the paint swatch along with your notes right into the binding - totally awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Oh, Audrey, I'm so super excited for you! Congratulations on joining the PTI team!

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Can I first say I love your handwriting...I would love a stamp set from PTI with your handwriting! I am so excited for you, congratulations on your position on the Design Team!

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Congratulations Audrey, I have always enjoyed your work and I'm sure this endeavor will be no exception. I'm so happy for you to be with the PTI team.

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Congrats Audrey! They made a great choice when they added you to their team!

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Congratulations! I have seen your work on PTI and other blogs and you deserve this honor!

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Congratulations, Audrey. It's wonderful to see a long time forum member become part of a PTI DT.
Love how you used some stamps from your stash to make your pages work for you.

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congrats Audrey! i'm going to look forward to seeing your posts. loved reading your blog today - the one thing that jumped out at me was the small stamps from the Background Basics stamps fitting right in there on your planner block! now what i am curious about is - you're using PTI inks i'm sure - is there no bleed thru at all??? This is an issue in my current planner so i'm curious

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Congratulations! Glad to have you here.
Love your ideas and suggestions

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thanks for giving us a good view of more of the stamp sets -- I love your addition of the planning for your son's room! Extremely helpful!

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Just want to add my congratulations as well. So happy for you and not surprised. You come up with such fun and original cards. Enjoy the ride and look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

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Wow!! Congratulations!! So happy for you! The new planner line is amazing and I absolutely LOVE how you organize your planner! I'll definitely have to look into this!